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Whats in it for you ?

Great Market Opportunity

Barsha Pump is an award wining technology with massive market potential. Attractive retail prices allow for healthy margins for you as a distributor.

Tools and Documentations

Excellent personalized support from aQysta team in each step of market penetration. Access to supporting documentation and tools to make selling of Barsha Pump as easy as possible.

Award-Winning Product

Barsha Pump is recognized several international awards, you can be an integral part of the journey to bring this award winning technology to the market
Barsha Pump

Worldwide Network

Alongside your efforts, we will continue to promote the Barsha Pump among world leading organizations. On top of that we will constantly share our experiences with you from all the regions we are active in.

Regional Exclusivity

Exclusive distributorship within the region agreed and the leads we get will be forwarded to our regional distributor.

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– Regional business with sales, maintenance and management infrastructure

– Experience with complementary or similar products

– Ready to invest in demonstration pumps to grow market demand

– Have a clear Go-To-Market strategy with type of applications, type of customers and type of end users in mind

– Have the necessary resources to launch a new product in the region of interest

Application Process

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