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The Barsha pump (“Barsha” means rain in Nepalese) utilizes the energy present in flowing rivers and canals to pump water. The Barsha pump does not require any fuel or electricity to be operated, thus it does not involve any operating expenses nor does it emit any polluting greenhouse gases. Thus, the Barsha pump presents a sustainable, cost-effective solution for pumping water for irrigation.

The current version of the Barsha pump is able to pump

  • to a maximum vertical height of 20 metres or distances of up to 2 kilometres.
  • a maximum flow of 43,000 liters per day

Note that the actual amount of water pumped depends upon the speed (and flow rate) of the river, and the height and distance that you are pumping to.

If you want to become distributor of Barsha pumps or you would like to buy a pump, please visit our dedicated DISTRIBUTORS PAGE

So far, more than 40 pumps are running in countries such as Nepal, Indonesia, Spain, Turkey and Zambia. We envision to have tens of thousands of Barsha pumps floating in rivers around the world, providing irrigation water, without polluting the environment and at zero operating costs.

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Runs on River Current

Being a hydro-powered irrigation pump, it requires only the current of the flowing water and nothing else.

Environment Friendly

As no external energy source (fuel, electricity..) is used it emits no harmful gases hence is environment friendly.
Barsha Pump

Requires no Fuel/Electricity

No electricity, No fuel required. Runs on the river current.

Virtually no Maintenance

Once installed, there will be no maintenance required as there are no mechanical parts in the pump. Its a simple water wheel technology.


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