About Us

A high-tech startup founded at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) in 2013, aQysta aims to provide sustainable hydro-powered pumping solutions that can have a positive economic, environmental and social impact.

We are located in Yes!Delft, Europe’s biggest high-tech incubator that grants access to expertise, network and research facilities. At Delft office, we conduct technology research, product design and development, sourcing and global sales.

In the South Asian region, we have our affiliated entity in Nepal, operating since 2015. aQysta Nepal sells and implements pumps in Nepal which serves as the platform for conducting research, experiments and gathering market feedback.

Our flagship product “Barsha Pump” is an award winning innovative pump, which has been rolled out in various countries worldwide in a short period of time. This early success has enabled us to gain customer feedback, technical validation in diverse geographies and market opportunity in diverse socio-economic conditions.

aQysta is on a quest to sustainably provide water for farming. To do so, we are re-investing a majority of our profits back into the business to grow our company and further our mission.

Core Competencies


We closely study the global irrigation market and research technological solutions applicable to different scenarios. To understand the needs of farmers better and develop products that fit the market requirements, we carry out farming activities as well.


aQysta’s expertise lies in translating ideas to technological products and commercializing in the market. We have the capabilities to carry out all the underlying steps of product development, including conceptualization, prototyping, setting requirements and specifications, fluid and solid simulations and embodiment design.

Product Development

We collaborate with international network of manufacturing partners and suppliers to manufacture high quality products at reasonable costs. We are constantly expanding our network of distribution partners in various countries in order to make our products globally available.

Collaboration & Networking

Innovation at aQysta is not limited to product innovation alone but also includes innovation in the way these products are implemented. We are working with innovative financing mechanisms eg. “payafter-harvest”where farmers pay for the product only after they have harvested their crops and earned revenue from it.

Innovative Business Models & Financing Mechanisms