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aQysta's Distribution Partners

Aziz Enterprises Co. Ltd.

Sudan, South Sudan

Khartoum Industrial Area, Ghab Street, Khartoum, Sudan


Lovson Adroit Engineering LLP

Sudan, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Maharashtra Madhya and Goa in India

98 Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai 40021, India




25 Foster Ln, Colombo 00100, Sri Lanka


Alpha Solar Ingenieria

Quito, Ecuador

Avenida General Ruminahui y Avenue Jaime Roldos, Quito, Ecuador


CV Suluh Consultant


Komplek RSS, Blok O No. 14, Keluaran Oesapa, Kecamatan Kelapa Lima, Kota Kupang, Kode Pos: 85228, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

CV Walannae


Graha Cemerlang Blok I No.12 - Maros (Depan Grand Mall) Kelurahan Bontoa Kecamatan Mandai Kabupaten Maros kode Pos 90552

Kemi's Connect

Gujarat, India

511 C, Titanium City Centre, 100 ft Road Ahmedabad Gujarat India



Color Team LLC


What's in it for you?

   Untapped Market Opportunity.

The market pontential for hydro-powerd pumps are vast and relatively untapped. You have the opportunity to capture this market opportunity, in partnership with aQysta.

  Marketing and Technical Support

aQysta will support you with the knowledge, tools, market intelligence, marketing materials and network to expand and grow in the market.

   Become a part of the Global Network

When you join aQysta’s distribution network, you become a part of the global team and can learn from and share with the whole world.

   Access to all products

As a distribution partner, you will have access to all the existing and upcoming products developed by aQysta.

Distributor's FAQ

Please fill in the short information, by clicking “Apply Now” button: https://www.aqysta.com/distributors/  We will contact you as soon as we have the filled in information from you.

No. To be able to import goods to your country and become a distributor, you will need to have a registered legal entity.

Interested individuals can become sales agents in the country if there are existing distributors. We will then link you to the distributor in the region if you are interested.

We look at organizations who are selling relevant complementary goods in the country/region to be a suitable distributor. We particularly prioritize the following factors:

  • Knowledge of the irrigation market
  • Existing customer base among commercial farmers and network with government and non-government organizations in the country (track record)
  • Great sales and distribution network in the country
  • Experience with sales of agricultural equipment
  • Technical Ability to assemble and install pumps and to train retailers and agents on the same
  • Professional organization with experience on international trading (import, customs clearance etc.)
  • Enthusiasm to promote the technology
  • Ideally, already is a preferred supplier for agricultural organizations/groups and/or has strong connections with government and/or offers standardized financing schemes for customer base.

Yes, this is possible. However, distribution agreement is only signed once you place an order for MoQ amount. When you order a minimum of 5 units you will be classified as an ‘Aspiring Distributor’ and will get access to a standardized, remote support process, for a limited period of six months.

During the six months, we expect the following actions from your side, with support from us:

S.N Description Deliverable
1 Identification of Installation Site
  • Filled in feasibility form
  • Video of river/canal
2 Completion of Market Study
  • Filled in Survey template of aQysta on
  • Cost of Import, local transport and storage
  • Competitors
  • Regulatory aspects
  • Market segments
  • Crops & Irrigation requirements
3 Completion of Actor Analysis Filled in Survey template of aQysta on actors
4 Business Model and Market Entry Strategy Filled in Survey on market entry strategy

Yes, you can. However, then you will be our client and not an authorized (or aspiring) distributor.

  • FAQ document on the Barsha Pump from aQysta
  • Videos and Pictures of Installation and Working
  • Site Feasibility Assessment Documents
  • Assembly Manual
  • Site visit to one of the locations of pump installation, at your cost (reimbursement over your first order)
  • Exclusive Prices with attractive discounts
  • Payment terms with letter of credit with deferred payment facility
  • Marketing and Promotion Support
  • Training of staffs for assembly and installation
  • Additional market access through aQysta’s international Network
  • Generation of sales leads and forwarding of leads to you
  • Access to future aQysta products
  • Customized market intelligence services
  • Access to extensive documentation about experiences from other regions

Normally, we do not work with exclusivity agreements. In some cases, we provide regional or national exclusivity, against agreed sales targets for a predefined timeframe.

Exclusivity is only considered after purchase of 40 units. Sales targets are set mutually, looking at the market potential and value proposition of the respective country.

As an authorized distributor, you will be offered wholesale prices for the product. Prices vary according to different variants of the pump.

Please write us at distribution@aqysta.com for the latest retail and wholesale prices.

  • Marketing and Promotion of the product
  • Sales of Product
  • Provide Installation and After-sales service
  • Market Study
  • Adherence to local regulations
  • Setting up/managing a sales network
  • We acknowledge that healthy margins are an important element for everyone involved in the distribution of the Barsha Pump to grow
  • We work with an open cost calculation to determine the price for your market of operation together

If you are interested to join our global distribution network, please fill out the short form below.

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