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Please find below a list of the most frequently asked questions. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. How can I buy the Barsha pump?

    You can buy the Barsha pump via one of our distribution partners. In countries where there are no distribution partners yet, you can buy the Barsha pump directly from us. Please send us details of your requirements via info@aqysta.com or fill out the contact us form and we are happy to discuss further.

  2. What is the price of the Barsha pump?

    The price of the Barsha pump depends upon variant and order quantity.  Please send us more details of your requirement via  Request a Quote. 

  3. Is the Barsha pump available in my country?

    Please tell us which country are you from and we can inform whether we have distribution partners in your country. In any case, we can ship the Barsha pump all over the world.

  4. How can I know if the site I am planning to install the Barsha pump in is feasible?

    Please fill out the Quick Site FeasibIlity Scan to know if your site is feasible. To get further detailed feasibility assessment, please send us pictures and videos of your site at info@aqysta.com and we can help you assess the site feasibility.


  5. How can I know which variant of Barsha pump best suits my site?

    You can check the variants of Barsha pump section, where we have provided data for suitability of each variant of Barsha pump as well as, have visualized the context to help you select the right type of variant for your case. In case of any confusion, please send us pictures and videos of your site at info@aqysta.com and we can help you choose the right variant.

  6. Can I assemble/install the Barsha pump myself?

    Yes, you can assemble and install the Barsha pump yourself with guidance from our installation manual. We can provide remote assistance for installation wherever necessary.

  7. What skills and tools are required to assemble and install the Barsha pump?

    The assembly of a pump can be divided into two phases; Pre-Assembly and Final Assembly & Installation.

    Both assembly phases do not require special training, tools or skills to be completed. An assembly manual will be provided that explains the assembly and installation of the pump step by step. Remote assistance can be provided at free of cost where necessary. We can pre-assemble the pump in the Netherlands at an additional charge. We can also carry out the final assembly and installation in the country of implementation, at an additional charge.

  8. Are the Barsha pump shipped assembled or unassembled?

    We can ship the pump unassembled or pre-assembled as per your preference. The shipping costs are lower for unassembled pumps as compared to pre-assembled.

  9. From where will the Barsha pump be shipped?

    For air shipment, it will be shipped from Amsterdam, the Netherlands and for sea shipment from Rotterdam or Antwerp port in the Netherlands, depending on what is more cost effective.

  10. How do I make the payment for the Barsha pumps?

    In case you buy the Barsha pumps from distributors in your region, you can pay them directly. When you buy it from aQysta, you can pay for it via international transfer. The payment has to be done in advance before the shipment is shipped.

  11. How long will it take the pump to reach my location?

    It depends upon your location and the mode of shipment. For air transport, it is normally between 3-10 days and for sea transport, it is normally between 2 to 8 weeks.

  12. Are there different models/variants of the pump?

    Yes, there are different variants of the pump depending upon your site, whether you are looking to pump from river, stream or canal. The output performance of the pump will be similar in any input situation. For more information about the variants of the pump, please visit this link or download the Technical Specifications document.

  13. What are the dimensions and weight of the Barsha pump?

     Variant  Length  Width (without/  with  Handles deployed) Height Weight
     Floating wide  2800mm    1750mm/2040mm  1590mm  97 kg
     Floating narrow  2800mm    1550mm/1840mm  1590mm  92 kg
     Standing wide  1785mm    1640mm/2040mm  1590mm  85 kg
     Standing narrow  1785mm    1440mm/1840mm  1590mm  80 kg
     Canal wide  1785mm    1640mm/2040mm  1500mm  80 kg
     Canal narrow  1785mm    1440mm/1840mm  1500mm  75 kg
  14. How much water does the Barsha pump pumps?

    Barsha pump can pump 20,000 to 40,000 liters of water in a day.

  15. To what height and distance does the Barsha pump lift water?

    Barsha pump can pump water from rivers/canals/streams up to 20 meters vertical height and can cover the horizontal distance of 2 kilometers. There is a tradeoff between the height water needs to be pumped to and distance that can be covered.

  16. What is the standard delivery pipe diameter?

    The standard delivery pipe diameter is 1.25 inches (32 mm) or 1.5 inches (40 mm). 1.25 inches for sites with a steep elevation and 1.5 inches for sites with longer horizontal distance. HDPE or PVC pipes are mostly used. We can suggest a layout based on the site feasibility form.

  17. What are the factors that affect the performance of the Barsha pump?

    There are numerous factors that affect the performance of the Barsha pump such as speed of the river, the cross-section of the river, height and distance to which you are pumping to, the diameter of the delivery pipe, etc.

  18. What is the minimum required velocity of the flowing source?

    The minimum speed required depends upon the nature of the source (Rivers, streams or canals). Please refer to the Technical Specifications document for details of the required input conditions.

  19. What materials are used to manufacture the Barsha pump?

    The materials are suitably selected for durability and corrosion resistance. In the current version of the pump, main materials are plastic (Spiral and paddles), Aluminum alloy (Frame), Stainless steel (connectors and anchor line) and high strength foam (Floats).

  20. Where is the pump manufactured?

    Different components of the pumps are sourced from different suppliers in Germany, The Netherlands, and China.

  21. How much is the warranty period for the Barsha pump?

    We provide 3 years warranty for all moving parts of the pump.

  22. What repair and maintenance does the Barsha pump need?

    When the Barsha pump is properly installed, the need for maintenance remains very low. The only needed maintenance typically includes removing leaves, branches or other debris that might accumulate in front of the pump.

    As the pump does not involve any electrical or electronic components, the repair and maintenance are not complex.

    • Over the long term (5 years or more), the following need repair can be foreseen.
    • Replacement of the rotary coupling seal (A replacement seal can be provided by aQysta.
    • Replacement of the pillow block bearing (A pillow block bearing can be bought locally)
  23. How can I become a distributor for your Barsha pump?

    Please visit the distributor’s page for more information about becoming a distributor.

  24. I am interested to form partnership with your company. How can I contact you?

    Please write to us with details of your idea for partnership at info@aqysta.com or fill out the Contact us form with the subject line ‘partnership’.

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