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About GROWN & its Mission

The majority of the smallholder farmers around the world, due to the lack of proper farm management training, lack of access to quality seeds and Agri inputs, modern irrigation technologies, and market access for commercial purpose, ends up generating far less income than expected. And then, there is climate change, marginalized cultures, gender issues that add fuel to these existing fires, restraining the participation of these smallholder farmers in the bigger commercial market.

At GROWN farm incubator in Malawi, we aim to grow such smallholder farmers – Work closely with them to provide hands-on experience to run a commercial farm, make them credit-worthy, and also provide them with accreditation that can aid them to secure funds from the financial institutions for their own farm. Amidst all these, GROWN farmers will also be provided with stable monthly income plus a share of profit of the farm’s output. Not only the land that would otherwise remain dry and barren, will now be filled with greens, but GROWN farmers will also be market-ready to start their individual farm and grow it on a bigger scale once they are graduated from the GROWN farm incubator.

Our mission is to join hands with these smallholder farmers in their struggle to strive, to help them start a business that thrives, in a sustainable manner.

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Voices of GROWN Farmers

I'm getting a monthly income to support my family while learning how to start my own farming business. Instead of sitting home, I do work together with my colleagues on the farm, gaining knowledge, and receiving an income.

- Rabecca Chirombo, Farm Incubatee

By saving money which is accessible after the program, I'm guaranteed to have a good start at my  own farm . I started buying manure from my neighbour instead of expensive chemicals in town.

- Thomas Pitchesi, Farm Incubatee

I have been always dreaming of doing my own farming business, I'm sure within 2 years I will have my own farm. I'm learning where to sell my produce against a good price.

- Lydia Daudi, Farm Incubatee

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