Our Theory of Change


Our Barsha Pump is essentially a tool to provide water. However, the impact that it creates does not end just with access to water. Our Barsha Pump can serve as a tool for social and economic transformation, and all this can be achieved in harmony with nature, without causing any harm to the environment.

Impact so far


Hectares of land irrigated


Million litres of water pumped


Number of people served


Tons of CO2 emissions reduced

Impact Stories

Visiting the Farmers in Nepal: An Employee’s Experience

  With no prior knowledge and experience in the field of agriculture, I joined aQysta 20 months back. Being born and brought up in the capital city of Nepal one thing I was sure of - I would not be working in the agriculture sector. I was not exposed to that side of the world. (And I am no exception. That’s how young people in the city are.) But that now that I am working in this sector, I am nothing but grateful towards aQysta for this new interest I have developed for farming and irrigation.

EASI-PAY In Action

  Like many other countries, extremely vulnerable to climate change is Indonesia too and it has a direct impact on the livelihood of the people living in the rural parts of the country. With both the dry and the rainy season lasting longer than the expected, resulting in the rise of the risk of drought and flood, both severely affecting the major agricultural activities and ultimately the food supply of the country, it has been a serious necessity for Indonesia to implement the best available technology and