Our Theory of Change


Our Barsha Pump is essentially a tool to provide water. However, the impact that it creates does not end just with access to water. Our Barsha Pump can serve as a tool for social and economic transformation, and all this can be achieved in harmony with nature, without causing any harm to the environment.

Impact so far


Hectares of land irrigated


Million litres of water pumped


Number of people served


Tons of CO2 emissions reduced

Impact Stories

Irrigation in Malawi and Barsha Pump

Food and water are topics of genuine concern to many people in Malawi - still one of the under-served countries in the world. Most Malawians are smallholder farmers, meaning they farm on only a very small piece of land, and they can often only rely on unpredictable rainfalls as a source of water for their plants. Given a large number of smallholder farmers and the many challenges they face, improving irrigation is an essential step to strengthen food security in Malawi. aQysta started serving Malawi with its sust

Into Agriculture With Barsha Pump: A Story of a Hotel Management Graduate.

A hotel management graduate from the reputed university in Bali, Henry Roga, despite having the opportunities to serve in the hospitality sector in the city, returned to his village Menguruda in Bajawa, Flores, NTT and started a vegetable farm of his own called BR farm, which he named after the initials of his late father, Benyamin Roga - who had big dreams of bringing the change in the Mengeruda village. Farmers in Mengeruda village used to cultivate the rice, and the fields were used to get filled with green pa

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