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Our Barsha Pump is essentially a tool to provide water. However, the impact that it creates does not end just with access to water. Our Barsha Pump can serve as a tool for social and economic transformation, and all this can be achieved in harmony with nature, without causing any harm to the environment.

Impact so far


Hectares of land irrigated


Million litres of water pumped


Number of people served


Tons of CO2 emissions reduced

Impact Stories

Customer Story From Namadidi, Malawi

This year, the pandemic shook the world in ways that we could have never imagined. Yet, there were a few things at the ground for us that held our happiness, reminding us, our reason of being – Supporting farmers irrigate better, in a sustainable manner! Humphrey Limwawo and Amos Vito – Two motivated farmers from Namadidi, Zomba, Malawi came to know about the Barsha Pump from a friend who attended a trade fair in one of the villages in Zomba, where the pump was on display. Learning about the availability of w

Drought & COVID-19: How Farmers are Coping in Sumba Island, Indonesia?

Sumba Island in Indonesia is one of the most drought-affected areas in South-east Asia, with farmers going without rain for 6 months to even up to 9 months. For most of the farmers in Sumba, the key source of irrigation is rainfall. The increase in the frequency of prolonged droughts has disastrous effects on such rain-dependent farmers, whose harvests are used largely for the purpose of feeding themselves and their families. This fearful situation has taken a new height as COVID-19 has struck on their livelihood, n

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