Our Theory of Change


The Barsha Pump is essentially a tool to provide water. However, the impact that it creates does not end just with access to water. The Barsha Pump can serve as a tool for social and economic transformation, and all this can be achieved in harmony with nature, without causing any harm to the environment.

Impact so far


Hectares of land irrigated


Millions litres of water pumped


Number of people served


Tons of CO2 emissions Saved

Impact Stories

Innovating for Impact

Some people are born to be a leader. No matter how curled up they get by the situations that are not there in their favor, they still tend to stand out from the crowd and do the thing they are put in this world to do. aQysta is proud to be a part of such people’s journey of empowering people and couldn’t be more thankful for providing us a role in the same. (more&he

EASI-Pay: Enabling Access to Sustainable Irrigation with Flexible Pay-as-you-go systems

aQysta has developed a hydro-powered pump called “Barsha Pump” which utilizes the energy of flowing water to pump water from rivers and canals, without using any fuel or electricity, hence, resulting in zero operating costs and zero greenhouse emissions. Compared to conventional pumps, the Barsha pump can save more than 70% of irrigation costs over its lifetime.