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Purchase of 1 Barsha Pump = Plantation of 2 Trees 🌳🌳

Barsha pump is a water pump that harnesses the energy of nature to operate, hence it does not emit any harmful gases, contributing to environmental sustainability. However, we think that we must do more!

The United Nation, in the recent climate summit in Madrid, pointed out that in order for the temperature of global warming to remain under 1.5 degree Celsius, we need to come together and join hands to reduce carbon emission by 45% by 2030, and by 2050, aim to achieve the climate neutrality.  

Planting trees is one of the cheapest and easiest ways of reducing global warming, as trees absorb the carbon dioxide we generate in our everyday lives before it reaches the upper atmosphere and captures the heat leading the surface of the mother Earth to heat.

What could be a more sustainable way to offset the CO2, than planting more trees?

Environmental sustainability has always been a priority when developing our products. However, we realized that as our global activities grow so does our environmental footprint as a company. As a first step, we calculated that transport of a single Barsha Pump from our production facilities to our customers has been releasing on average 216 kgs of CO2. Therefore, starting in 2021, we pledge to offset this by planting more trees!

In partnership with a Dutch Foundation – Trees for all, we will plant two trees for every Barsha Pump sold in order to offset the carbon emissions caused by our global transporting routes. They will be planted in Costa Rica, Uganda, and The Netherlands. In collaboration with the local population, these trees will be managed sustainably in the protected natural area for 50 years.

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