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From Innovation to Impact - aQysta's Quest for aQua Gets a Massive Boost with a $1.1m Investment.

Today we are delighted to share the great news that recently, aQysta’s Quest for aQua received a massive boost with the recent closure of a $1.1 million investment round! The investment was raised from a mix of institutional and private investors, with capital advisory support from FASE.

Introduction to aQysta

aQysta is a company founded in the Netherlands which focuses on the development, sales and implementation of hydropowered pumps combined with innovative financing models to create a positive social and environmental impact while featuring a solid business case.

Achievement of the past:

Over the past years, aQysta has developed a portfolio of innovative hydro-powered pumps ranging from individual products for smallholder farmers to large pumping systems at community scale. Those products can be installed in any source of flowing water and cover a broad range of pumping heights and areas. aQysta has grown organically to a team of more than 30 members and is exporting its products to 25 countries globally. To complement its innovative hardware innovations, the company has developed the innovative EASI-Pay financing scheme, in which farmers can use a percentage of the revenue generated from sales of harvest to re-finance aQysta’s products as well as farming inputs and accessories.

Over the past aQysta has built a strong “glocal” presence, with R&D in The Netherlands, manufacturing in India and sales and implementation offices in Asia, Africa and Latin America. For its efforts, aQysta has been awarded by several international organizations.

Plan of the Future:

aQysta will use this investment to strengthen its operations in Nepal, India, Malawi, Indonesia and Colombia and further expand its growing sales & distribution network, in order to deliver its portfolio of innovation and the impact to small-holder farmers at an accelerated scale.

How aQysta delivers Impact:

To complement aQysta’s innovative hardware portfolio, aQysta will expand the implementation of its EASI-Pay service offering, including the marketing of harvest, farming knowledge, irrigation accessories and other farming inputs to boost smallholder-farmers to become more profitable and sustain themselves with just farming.

Join aQysta’s Quest for aQua:

Are you working with smallholder farmers and would like to join aQysta in making smallholder farming profitable, through partnership, technology, or finance? Get in touch and join aQysta’s journey of innovating for impact.

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