The Grown farm incubator

Empowering small holder farmers in every step

In our Grown Farm Incubator, we partner with smallholder farmers to provide everything they need to become more profitable, resilient, and ecologically sustainable, from supplying water for irrigation to selling crops on the market and all things they might need in-between

How we Work?

We link smallholder farmers output to premium markets nationally and internationally for better prices.
We provide pay-after-harvest financing for inputs, technologies, and services.
We enable farmers to meet the requirements of these premium markets with technology, farming inputs, knowledge, and certifications. We even provide land to farm on, where needed.
Farmers can choose from a list of services as per their needs. Farmers do not need to pay upfront for these services, but share the profit from harvest sales with aQysta.

GROWN Services

Guaranteed Market Access

Farmers working with Grown farm Incubator are always provided a guaranteed market for their harvest of crops recommended by aQysta.
aQysta works with market partners to ensure that the harvest is sold at a good price. The market risk is thus managed by aQysta, providing predictability and security to farmers

Do you meet the following criteria?

  1. Willing to work on advance contracts with mention of price, quality and quantity.
  2. Willing to pay a premium for the quality and/or social and environmental impact.
  3. Looking to change the conventional value chain, and make it shorter, fairer and environmentally more sustainable.

Our market partner

Renewable energy

aQysta provides different renewable energy powered irrigation solutions to farmers.

Renewable Irrigation technologies provided by aQysta include hydro-powered pumps and solar-powered pumps. Both technologies are provided at a small-scale portable solution for individual farmers and as an infrastructure solution providing irrigation to the whole community

hydro-powered pumps

Hydro-powered pumps use energy in flowing rivers and canals to lift water to higher lands, without requiring any fuel or electricity to be operated. We have developed different hydro-powered pumps ranging from portable solutions for individual farmers to infrastructure serving the whole community.

solar-powered pumps

We deploy solar-powered water pumps in areas with not enough natural water sources available to use our hydro-powered water pumps. We source solar pumps from trusted third-party partners. We offer small-scale solutions for individual farmers and larger-scale solutions for farmer communities.

Countries where our pumps are running

Optimal farming

Ensuring good harvest requires quality farming inputs, which are applied in an optimal way, as per the soil and crops’ need. Farming inputs, including seeds, fertilizers, and land to farm is offered by aQysta where necessary.

Building a crop portfolio based on scientific principles of crop rotation

Since aQysta works throughout the year with farmers, it is important to select crops which are compatible to each other to rotate after each other according to growing seasons, both to keep good crop productivity as well as to maintain the quality of soil. In this case, a scientific principle of crop-rotation is followed, with crops from different families following each other, as per defined cycle

Wallet for Financing

We work with a revenue-sharing model where we share incomes with farmers based on the revenue we generate from their harvest. While waiting for the harvest revenue, we provide farmers with a monthly advance of their predicted harvest, allowing their cash flows.
Farmers can keep the advance payment and do not need to return it, even in a failed harvest due to reasons beyond their control, like natural disasters and climate risks


Farmers do not have to pay any upfront cost. We provide them with all inputs as a service before the growing season starts, and they can pay with the revenues from their harvest. The farmer only has to the farm!


Farmers receive an advance payment for harvest every month while waiting for their harvest.


After selling their harvest to our market partners, we share profits in a transparent revenue-sharing model with farmers.

Non-Stop Training

We provide on-field training and advisory services by educated and experienced agronomists who follow scientific, climate-resilient farming practices focusing on several objectives


Promoting renewable irrigation to cultivate otherwise uncultivable land year-round, and integrated farming with the other member of the farming communities


Using crop rotations and diversification, reducing tillage and refraining from tree-felling


Increasing the use of quality seeds and promoting the use of bio-fertilisers and other inputs


Selecting and managing crops based on their resilience to the local climate


Upscaling the use of cover cropping, buffer zones and mulching

Crops we grow

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