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aQysta is comprised of a young, committed and global team with team members of 8 different nationalities working from 4 different countries, with the common vision of successfully bringing hydro-powered irrigation technology to the world.

The team comprises of a unique mix of expert designers and engineers, together with international business developers with sound knowledge on the irrigation context and user scenarios from different parts of the world.

Complemented with senior experts and mentors who advise aQysta with business expertise, technical knowledge and network to grow further, it is aQysta’s unique set up that is the driving force for its successful growth thus far and its ambitious plans.

Lennart is leading aQysta as the Managing Director of the company. Using his meticulous planning, organizing and leadership skills, he drives forward the development and market implementation of aQysta’s products. He is an Industrial engineer with MSc. Management of Technology (with honours and cum laude) degree from Delft University of Technology, specializing in Supply Chain Management with an additional annotation in Technology in Sustainable Development.

Lennart Budelmann
Co-Founder & Managing Director  

Fred co-founded aQysta and is responsible for the product development and design at aQysta. Fred is highly creative and constantly comes with new ideas to iteratively improve the product.

Being a creative individual, Fred takes pride in using his design skills to create innovative products that truly make a difference in the world.

Fred Henny
Co-Founder & Technical Director  

Pratap looks after business development activities at aQysta. He is the resource explorer and creative strategist of aQysta and the one to initiate the idea of the Barsha pump. He has got MSc. degree in Management of Technology (with honours) from Delft University of Technology specializing in Economics and Finance with an additional annotation in Entrepreneurship.

Pratap Thapa
Co-Founder & Commercial Director  

Jaime leads the research and experimentation activities at aQysta. He primarily looks after the process of optimization of the fluid dynamics performance of the pumps. In addition to that, Jaime also works towards analyzing and consolidating markets in Europe for aQysta’s products. He is a Mechanical Engineer with MSc. degree in Management of Technology from Delft University of Technology, specializing in Innovations and Entrepreneurship.

Jaime Michavila
Lead Fluid Dynamics Engineer   

Tei works on business analytics, analyzing potential market for the technology using GIS analysis and global datasets. With Tei’s work, it is possible to map all the feasible areas in a geographic region that are within the allowable height and distance from water sources (rivers and canals). She has got MSc. Degree in Geo-Information Science from Wageningen University.

Tei Overgoor
GIS Analyst   
tim elfering

Tim is the lead product designer at aQysta, looking after the design process of critical parts and components. He looks after product design, component acquisition, prototyping, and prototype evaluation.. He has got MSc. degree in Integrated Product Design from Delft University of Technology.

Tim Elfering
Product Designer   

Sujan leads aQysta team in Nepal and works on sales and business development as well as in improving aQysta’s technology with experiments and localization in Nepal.. He is a Mechanical Engineer, with Masters of Engineering degree, in Energy Systems, Planning and Management from, Institute of Engineering IOE, Tribhuvan University.

Sujan Dulal
Country Manager - Nepal   

Alisha looks after global marketing and communication activities within aQysta. In addition, she also looks after operations and administration activities of aQysta Nepal office. She has got a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Westcliff University, California.

Alisha Chhetri
Marketing & Operations Officer  

Florian supports aQysta's global project teams in their daily operations. In addition, he is co-managing the sales pipeline as well as assisting aQysta's network of distributors. He obtained his BA (Hons) in International Studies from Leiden University and is now using his global knowledge to create positive change on a local level

Florian Volz
Sales and Operations Support Officer  
maria paula rincon adarme

Maria Paula leads business development activities in Colombia. She is working on developing the market and introducing aQysta’s products in Colombia. She has got BSc Degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Industrial de Santander.

Maria Paula Rincon Adarme
Business Developer -Colombia   

Max works as a Mechanical Engineer at aQysta. His tasks are to design and optimize all the technical aspects of our products, from safety standards to performance objectives, cost optimization, ease of maintenance and many others. He is a mechanical engineer and product designer graduated from the University of Technology Belfort-Montbéliard in France, specializing in Ergonomics, Design and Mechanical Engineering.

Max Fuhrer
Mechanical Engineer  

Ajay conducts assembly and installations of the pumps in Nepal. In addition to that, he also assists the research team in research and experimentation activities in prototyping and fabrication. 

Ajay Kumar Kapar
Implementation Overseer  

Emanuele is a scientific consultant for aQysta assisting in design and development of aQysta’s technologies. He is a PostDoc researcher at Politecnico di Torino (Turin, Italy) in hydraulic engineering. He is also a Hydropower expert for the European Commission and scientific referee for international journals and member of scientific committees of international congresses.

Emanuele Quaranta
Scientific Collaborator   
annisa anindita

Annisa leads business development activities in Indonesia. In addition, she works on implementation, data collection, analysis and management of the piloting of “Pay-Per-Harvest” concept in Sumba, Indonesia. She has got BSc. Degree in Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology.

Annisa Anindita
Research & Sales Manager - Indonesia   

Prashant works as a sourcing and operations engineer at the aQysta office in India. His main tasks are to source and manufacture maximum components of the pump in India only and he is also looking after the installation of the pumps. He is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from the University of Mumbai, India.

Prashant Sutar
Sourcing & Operations Engineer - India  

Tim is the country manager for aQysta's office in Malawi. He is responsible for all activities and operations within Malawi.  He has a bachelor's degree in social work and 7 years of working experience in Africa (private sector).

Tim van der Linden
Country Manager - Malawi  

Jorge works as a Financial Controller at aQysta. He works to establish a company-wide integrated financial planning, control, and reporting system. In addition to that, he is also responsible for defining standard practices for the future administration of the system and company policies on reimbursements, expenses, budgets and allowances of departments and employees.

Jorge Baeza
Financial Administrator & Controller  

Elisa works on improving the fluid dynamic performance of the hydraulic installations. She collaborates with the research and experimentation team during the different stages of product development. She has an engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, specializing in renewable energy generation and storage.

Elisa Anderson
Hydraulic Engineer  

Manoj works as a Marketing Executive at the aQysta office in Nepal. He is a management graduate in marketing. In addition to marketing related activities, he also assists the technical team in site visits and market research.

Manoj Dhodari
Marketing Executive - Nepal  

Jelle works as an industrial designer at aQysta. Jelle is primarily working on developing the  monitoring and control system of aQysta’s technology. He holds a MSc. degree in Integrated Product Design from Delft University of Technology.

Jelle Benschop
Product Design Engineer  

Chisomo primarily works on developing the market for aQysta's product in Malawi. She also handles sales and marketing activities in Malawi. She has got a Diploma in Environmental Management from the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Malawi (LUANAR).

Chisomo Kuyenda
Sales Officer - Malawi  

Maarten works as an industrial designer at aQysta, working on designing, prototyping and developing aQysta’s products. Maarten has a MSc. degree in Integrated Product Design from Delft University of Technology.

Maarten De Lange
Product Design Engineer  

Martin connects aQysta to markets worldwide, using institutional fundraising as a key asset.

Martin Van Beusekom
Associate Business Developer  

Our Mentors
Dr Wim

Prof. Dr. Wim Uijjtewaal
Head of Department of Hydraulic Engineering, TU Delft   

Saskia Reus
Managing Partner - Africa Funded   

Dr. Maurits Ersten
Senior Lecturer - Irrigation, TU Delft   

Ron Bloemers
Mentor, Climate – KIC   

Karthik Chandrasekhar
Partner -Sangam Ventures   
Starlene Sharma

Starlene Sharma
Principal and CEO of Incubation - Sangam Ventures   

Romy Cahyadi
Co-Founder and CEO- Instellar   
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