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Customer Story From Namadidi, Malawi

This year, the pandemic shook the world in ways that we could have never imagined. Yet, there were a few things at the ground for us that held our happiness, reminding us, our reason of being – Supporting farmers irrigate b

Drought & COVID-19: How Farmers are Coping in Sumba Island, Indonesia?

Sumba Island in Indonesia is one of the most drought-affected areas in South-east Asia, with farmers going without rain for 6 months to even up to 9 months. For most of the farmers in Sumba, the key source of irrigation is ra

Irrigation in Malawi and Barsha Pump

Food and water are topics of genuine concern to many people in Malawi - still one of the under-served countries in the world. Most Malawians are smallholder farmers, meaning they farm on only a very small piece of land, and t

Into Agriculture With Barsha Pump: A Story of a Hotel Management Graduate.

A hotel management graduate from the reputed university in Bali, Henry Roga, despite having the opportunities to serve in the hospitality sector in the city, returned to his village Menguruda in Bajawa, Flores, NTT and starte

HyPump – The Future of Irrigation is Here!

After successfully rolling out the Barsha pump in more than 19 countries worldwide and still moving forward, aQysta is here with its second fuel-less water-powered pump – The HyPump, which is set to be demonstrated this Jul

From Dreaming of a River-Powered Pump to Partnering With aQysta: A Retailer’s Story

An engineer by profession, set forth with an aim of giving something back to the society, Ichsan Nuryadin started a company called CV Walanae in Sulawesi, Indonesia a year back. Because lack of water for irrigation is a major

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