The aQysta Story

aQysta is on a Quest. aQysta strives to develop technologies that provide economic benefits without hampering the environment and can empower the society towards prosperity: Innovating for Impact! And aQysta starts the quest with the most vital essential ingredient for life and civilization: Water!
Social entrepreneurship
By doing business using a holistic approach, we intend to be –and inspire other to be- social entrepreneurs. This means that the bottom line for us is creating social capital and improving living conditions while being able to grow our business and extend reach.
We are not a charity, we think that people should feel responsible for improving their own wellbeing. We offer people tools that allow than to take this responsibility and make it their own.
Empowering people
Enabling people in less prosperous economies and living-conditions to develop the wellbeing and wealth of their communities is what aQysta is all about.
True sustainability
While being “green” can be a great feat in itself, in order to truly have a positive impact and righteously call ourselves a sustainable company, we also measure sustainability on a human scale.
On a quest for water
aQysta is on a Quest. We strive to develop technologies that help people develop their communities and improve their living conditions by empowering them to take matters into their own hands. And we start our quest with the most vital essential ingredient for life and civilization: Water!

The Barsha Pump

aQysta Barsha Pump aQysta’s Barsha pump is a low-cost, innovative solution for small- and medium sized farmers to irrigate their fields without using any fuel or electricity to do so.

Our hydro-powered pump easily implemented anywhere where there is flowing water nearby and requires very little maintenance. Furthermore, by doubling yields by proper irrigation, Barsha will pay back for itself within 18 months.

More about product

Products for People

FarmeraQysta is on a Quest to make the future a brighter one for people around the globe. Since water is the essential ingredient of both life and civilization, this is where we start. By developing essential products that truly have the potential to impact the lives of people on a global scale, we want to create a people-centered business. Rather than providing things for free, we aim to include our target audience in all aspects of our process in order to create products of real value that instill a sense of pride of ownership and responsibility in our customers. To us, this kind of empowerment is what drives development.

Project Nepal

Project Nepal One of our target markets for our Barsha pump is Nepal, where 76% of people depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. While it has an abundance of rivers and streams, a big portion of the agricultural land remains without irrigation due to the high cost of implementation. aQysta intends to change this.

Our awards

In 2012 aQysta won the Philips Innovation Award.

In 2014 aQysta is awarded with the 'Securing Water for Food' project funded by USAID, SIDA and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Since 2012, aQysta is part of the European Union Climate-KIC Acceleration Program.

In 2012 aQysta won the Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award.

In 2012, aQysta won the Bearing Point Be. Project in the Netherlands.

In 2014, aQysta was awarded as the most innovative cleantech start up in Europe in the Climate-KIC Venture Competition award.